Athanasia Tsakiri

CEO, CFO, BSc in Economics, MSc in IT

Athanasia is specialized in growing and helping ideas from the business plan all the way to the placement in market.
She is running the financial department of “Direct Solutions Private Company”, analyzing the market trends and designing the bussiness model.

Alexandros Leontakianakos

Web Developer

Alexandros is an undergraduate student at IST College and is currently working as a web developer with his main focus being front-end development, while working on and hoping to expand his knowledge of back-end development and database management and analysis. At the moment, he is involved in the development of “Need4Car” and is helping in the design of the “Hermes-V” application.

John Prantalos

Software Engineer

John is a Computer Science graduate of  Technological Educational Institute of Central Greece, currently working in Direct Solutions as a data analysis software engineer. He is part of the teams developed the Hermes-V, Gearalyze analytics platform and Need4Car car sharing platform. He is experienced in creating real-time web application solutions, RESTful APIs to support these solutions, and data mining vehicle telemetry data.


Nikolaos Labiris

Software Engineer, Msc in Informatics

Nikos is a software engineer, a graduate of the Computer Science Department of the Technological Educational Institute of Central Greece as well as a postgraduate of the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Peloponnese. The subject of his bachelor thesis is the processing and analysis of video content using the OpenCV library along with various image algorithms. The subject of his master thesis is the construction of the front-end and part of the intermediate level of a compiler for the MATLAB programming language. He has participated at the SUNSHINE project ( as software developer for the utilities handling the data flow from power consumption sensors as well as a system administrator responsible for setup and maintanance of a web service that serves the data. His interests lie on the following subjects and programming languages:
-Compilers (C, ANTLR, flex/bison, Regular Expressions, BNF Notation)
– Object Oriented Design Patterns
– .NET Technologies (C#, WPF)
Furthermore, he has intermediate skills on system administration, concerning the LAMP stack (Apache, Tomcat, Mysql etc.) as well as Linux and Windows operating systems.

External Associates

Achilleas Lykotsetas

Network Administrator, BSc in Electronics Engineering

Lykotsetas Achilleas, Network Administrator, BSc in Electronics Engineering.
Achilleas is a Network Engineer, setting up large scale networks capable of 25000+ users support (T.E.I. of Sterea Ellada Network System Administrator).
He is responsible for the telecommunications part of Hermes-V.

Stavros Tsourlidakis

Web Developer, BSc Candidate in Informatics

Stavros (personal site) is an undergraduate student at the Computer Science Department of the Technological Educational Institute of Central Greece. He is interested in software development and problem solving technics used in computer science. He has knowledge of both front-end and back-end programming languages. Additionally, he has participated in image analysis projects. He is developing software for the database analysis and for the front-end application.
He is designing the Web interface of the “Hermes-V” project and he is responsible for choosing the security algorithms and he runs stress tests to maximize the servers’ performance.