From simple vehicle's information up to advanced analytics

    Advanced Telematics

Hermes-V” is a web platform for telematics services of vehicles and it provides real time data of the fleet performance. Useful information are created such as Geo Location, Vehicle Measurement, Driving Behavior etc.


  • GPS – Geo Location: Supervision and geographic identification of the user’s vehicles
  • Identify points of interest: Digital depiction and management of stops
  • Mechanical state of the vehicle in real time
  • Vehicle measurements: engine temperature, battery voltage, engine oil temperature
  • Ability to create specialized reports according to the organization’s needs

need4car  Transforming the future of mobility

A 2-click car reservation procedure, without restrictions. Car Sharing Management is offered as an SaaS application to new mobility providers, dealer networks, rental & leasing agencies and businesses with a fleet to utilize.


  • Maximize the utilization of your fleet: Cars sitting in the parking lot are costing your business, every second; why not get them out on the road, earning money?
  • Tap into a growing market: Car sharing is widely considered to be the future of urban transportation and presents numerous revenue-making opportunities for businesses like yours.
  • A superb user experience: Offer drivers a fast and intuitive mobile app experience from user registration to vehicle selection, booking, driving and invoicing.
  • Multi-lingual: Reach a global audience and offer your car sharing service to anyone, without language barriers.

Five Steps Process

Beep beep: Never miss the bus!

A user friendly platform for school administrators and students’ parents which provides real time information about the school buses performance. The unpredictable delays are reduced and the children’s transportation is presented live both on the school’s monitor and on the parents’ mobile.



  • Real time data about the fleet performance.
  • <li “font-size:15px;”=””>GPS, Geo Location. <li “font-size:15px;”=””>Points of Interest. <li “font-size:15px;”=””>Mechanical condition. <li “font-size:15px;”=””>Measurements (engine’s temperature, battery voltage Temperature of the engine’s oil etc.). <li “font-size:15px;”=””>Driving Behavior. <li “font-size:15px;”=””>Route Reports, E-Record.


  • Exact Location of the bus on the map.
  • Estimated time and distance of the arrival of the bus.
  • Better time management of picking and delivering the children.
  • Less stress, more safety during the trips of the school bus.

A platform which upgrades the day-to-day operations of the Transportation Management Office of each company or organization.
Hermes- TMO supports the integration of advanced e-registration services, issue and printing of documents and reports. It is connected to Hermes-V telematics in real time, in order to maximize the fleet’s daily management and efficiency.


  • Fleet Management – Daily Sheets
  • Fuel Management
  • Services and Repair Scheduling
  • Reports

The administrator of the Transportation Office can get daily reports and statistics from the fleet’s operation. Main goal is the improvement of the fleet effectiveness and the decrease of the fleet’s costs.