About us

Direct Solutions is a technology provider company specialized to shared mobility solutions offering end-to-end platform. Such solutions enforce companies to launch the most profitable from advanced mobility business.

Α strong team of complementary expertise undertakes the design, development and the implementation of projects with mostly in-house resources, providing high-quality services and benefits to customers at competitive prices.

Our Story

Direct Solutions founded in 2013 as a startup company in the #connected_cars sector.

In the mid of 2014, Direct Solutions entered the “Startup Eco System” and specifically was chosen as one of the 25 innovative companies by Eurobank’s incubator named “enter-go-grow / the egg”. By the end of 2014, the first prototype of #connected_car solution, Hermes-V, was ready and demonstrated to investors.
During 2015 Hermes – V becomes a ready-to-the-market product, with customers and revenues.

The global market of mobility is growing fast, so Direct Solutions’ R&D team completed new-innovative ideas as final products to the market. Need4Car a car-sharing platform and GeaρAlyze a Big Data Analytics of vehicles’ Data were developed based on the chore basis Hermes-V platform.

Today, the car sharing platform “Need4Car” is a ready-to-the-market product and a strategic partnership supports its global expansion.

Direct Solutions realizes its marketing plan program to the global market with great prospects.